Our cafes

Breakfast cafe

Breakfast cafe - the world wide known blueberry pancakes with their hot sauce have originated exactly here! A unique, real and memorable place where breakfasts are created with love and for you only!

St.Malaya Nikitskaya 2/1
+7(916) 640-86-36
Since 08:00 till 23:00

Friends Forever cafe

Friends Forever cafe - the heart of our company is open now at the new address. Here you can find your favorite dishes, cakes and breakfasts, as well as home-made ice-cream, giant pancakes and the atmosphere of fascinating New York!

St.Malaya Nikitskaya 2/1
+7(916) 798-29-89
Since 08:00 a.m. till 23:00


Conversation - the place created for delicious food and talking. The huge window stand with cakes and an open kitchen take you into the world of pleasure. Here the enormous wedding cakes are born as well as chocolate horses and airy-souffle beze.

St. Bolshaya Nikitskaya 23/14/9
+7 (985) 443-73-44
Working hours 08:00 a.m till 00:00

Scramble eggs and waffle

Scramble cafes - a waffle paradise in the very heart of Patriarchy. In the morning, afternoon and evening, this place has been created for an ideal choice. Here only you can find pancake balls which bring you back in your childhood and present you with a smile.

St. Spiridonovka 24/1
+7 (495) 691-18-50
Working hours 08:00 -23:00

I Love Cake

I Love Cake - it's a sweet world for adults and children.The heart of our laboratory is a huge window stand where the guest can see all our deserts,cakes and other delicacies.

St.Bolshoy Patriarchy 4.
+7 (985) 226-02-38
Working hours 8:00-23:00

New I Love Cake

A new I Love Cake is hidden at an amazing street not far from Old Arbat. Huge panoramic windows, "the wall of peonies", breakfasts, cakes and aroma of coffee - all the things you love us for.

St. Afanasyevsky 5/15
+7 (915) 446-79-00
Working hours: 8:00-23:00